We remember to the past (2 days)

Dunaharszti Regional History Archive, Szigetszentmiklós City Local Collection, Halásztelek Malonyai Castle, Szigetbecse André Kertész Museum, Rest-House to the Six Brothers, Sándor Perőfi Memorial Museum

Taking accomondation (Százszorszép Guest House) – Szigetbecse

Day 1: In this programme we visit memorials, exhibitions and collections of the area step by step

Morning Agenda:
I. Looking at Dunaharaszti Local History Memorial Packaging. Dunaharaszti on local history, folklore, management and collection of social life, written and artifacts, reproductions here.
II. The next stop is Szigetszentmiklós, where the Local History Collection of ancient animal remains, archaeological finds from the Middle Ages and in modern times many memories for the presentation of the city and the area’s past. Ádam Jenő Memorial House is also worth visiting. The documents of the famous composer (born in Szigetszentmiklós, 1896-1982) about his life and work can be seen.
Afternoon Agenda:
III. Lunch in Kisbogrács Restaurant next to the castle Malonyai Halásztelek.
IV. In Szigethalom, we can see the Local History Museum, then visit the headboard named after Lady Diana.
V. Dinner in guest houses from the specialities of Blue Danube Wellness Hotel ****.

Day 2: Breakfast individually and then leaving the accommodation

Morning Agenda:
I. The XX. Century outstanding photographer, André Kertész spent his summers here. Personal belongings, and 120 signed picture was taken here.
II. Thury József memorial in Makád. He was orientalist, turkologist, teacher and librarian (1861-1906)
Afternoon Agenda:
III. Lunch in Fogadó a Hat testvérhez, Dömsöd.
IV. In Dömsöd we visit the Petofi Sandor Memorial Museum. The great poet’s former residence is a historic building designed in a folk museum. Contemporary furniture, dishes, appliances preserve the memory of the poet once lived here.