Cycling trips for advanced visitors (3 days)

Szigetbecse Danube riverside Cottage, Árpád-Bridge, Kossuth Lajos Str., Savoyai palace and its’ park and lake

Taking the accommondation (Százszorszép Guesthouse) – Szigetbecse

Day 1: Breakfast individually or in groups

I. Morning Agenda:
After renting bicycles, tandems, we can go for a hike Ráckeve (Szigetbecse Százszorszép Guest House – Arpad Bridge – Kossuth Lajos Street – Savoy Castle – Castle park behind the Castle parks and lakes).
II. Relaxation, dropping in the Romantic pastry shop where delicious cakes and coffee specialties can be tasted.
III. Then we continue our tour into uncharted parts of Ráckeve (Eötvös Street – Heroes’ Square – Sir John Fountain – Church of Serbia – riding round Szulai lake).
Afternoon Agenda:
Lunch: Bank of Szulai lake, picnic from basket.
V. Return to the accomodation.
VI. Fishing facility on bank of the Danube.
VII. Dinner: frying bacon and grilling outdoors.

Day 2: Breakfast individually, making sandwiches for our journey

Morning Agenda:
I. Takeing the bikes, tandems. Route: Százszorszép Guest House – St. John Ráckeve map – Bajcsy Zsilinszky – Lórév – Zichy Memorial Chapel.
II. Ferry at Lórév, furniture and camping site. Having the sandwiches made by us, then head to Makád and Szigetbecse.
III. When the sun sets outdoors meditations are held by Chi Kung instructor.
IV. After the meditation, dinner at the Blue Danube Wellness Hotel **** restaurant. After dinner “night” bathing in the wellness center.

Day 3: Stretching exercises early morning followed by breakfast individually or in groups

Morning Agenda:
Riding again. Directions: Szigetbecse Százszorszép Guest House – Ráckeve – Kossuth Lajos utca – Silling way we get Szigetújfalu – St Leonard’s Church – Szigetszentmárton- Roman Catholic Church – Brünner house (Kossuth Lajos Street 37) – riding back to Ráckeve.
II. Lunch: Boat Restaurant (St. John Map 3)
Afternoon Agenda:
III. After lunch, we return to the accommodation.
IV. In the afternoon we are preparing for a farewell evening.

Romantika Cukrászda