All you can eat III. (3 days)

Angyali island, Bacon frying, Barbecue at the Cottage, Nature visit trip to the Szigetbecse wildlife

Taking accomodation (Százszorszép Guest House) – Szigetbecse

Day 1: Breakfast individually or in groups

Morning Agenda:
I. Morning walking in Kiskunlacháza. Admiring the waterlife in Danube.
II. Boat trip to Angyali Island.
III. Lunch: Picnic on the island.
Afternoon Agenda:
IV. After lunch collective games on the Island.
V. Late afternoon return to the accommodation.
VI. Dinner in the wine cellar of Bálint Erdős, eating pork meat with wine.

Day 2: Breakfast individually or in groups

Morning Agenda:
I. Visiting natural life of Szigetbecse. Tőzike trail, the natural treasures of the island, flora and fauna showing nature trail, observation tower which furniture with table and benches.
II. The Szigetbecse backwater fishing in the peace and quiet surroundings. Or we can do water cycling, kayaking or canoeing in our mood.
III. Lunch: Package lunch.

Afternoon Agenda:
III. In the afternoon return to the hotel.
IV. Dinner: Cadran Pub and Pizzeria.
V. After dinner optional programs: “night” sightseeing or wellness in the Blue Danube Wellness Hotel ****.

Day 3: Breakfast individually or in groups

Morning Agenda:
I. Traveling Dunavarsány.
II. Visiting the Varsány floating moors in a protected area where you can see special plants and birds.
III. Lunch: Dunavarsány – Small Danube Restaurant


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