All you can eat II. (3 days)

Ráckeve Savoyai palace, relaxing in the palace garden, Visiting the Town Gallery, Wine tasting, Boat trip, Speedway Gokart

Taking the accommodation (Százszorszép Guest House) – Szigetbecse

Day 1: Breakfast individually or in groups

Morning Agenda:
I Guided tour of the city and the Palace of Savoy and then dropping in the Municipal Gallery, where we can see the works of Hungarian painters.
II. A short walk in the city. Attractions: Ascension Serbian Orthodox Church, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Town Hall, Customs House of Árpád Bridge, St. Stephen’s Square, St. Stephen statue Reformed Church.
III. Lunch: Savoy Palace.
Afternoon Agenda:
IV. After lunch, guided tour in the executive mansion, and “Relaxing on blanket” in the park in front of the castle.
Walking through in the City Gallery admiring the works by Hungarian painters.
VI. Wine tasting dinner at the guest house. Winemaker: Bálint Erdős.

Day 2: Breakfast individually or in groups at the hotel

Morning Agenda:
I. Trip to the neighboring Kiskunlachaza by boat from Blue Danube Wellness Hotel ****. Attractions: Angyalos Church, St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Stone shame in front of the Reformed Church, Ship mansion.
II. Lunch: Retro taverns.
Afternoon Agenda:
III. Afternoon walk opposite Angyali Island on the beach promenade.
IV. For active leisure travelers we recommend Speedway gokart track (530 meter long track).
V. Dinner: Leányvári restaurant.

Day 3: Breakfast, individually, and then leaving the hotel

Morning Agenda:
I. Trip to Majosháza.
II. Picnic in the Domariba wood, and walking along bank of the Danube.

Ráckeve bor gokart