All you can eat I. (3 days)

Travel to Tököl to visit the permanent exhibition of the Tököli Authors and Artist Supporters Alliance (TAME), Short visit to the village museum on Áporka, as a closing program: Bowling

Taking the accommodation (Százszorszép Guest House) – Szigetbecse

Day 1: Breakfast individually or in groups

Morning Agenda:
I. A short walk in Ráckeve. Attractions: Municipal Gallery, the Museum of Arpad, Savoy Palace, St. Stephen’s Square, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, the Custom House of Árpád Bridge, Sir John Fountain.
II. Lunch at the Savoy Palace’s restaurant.
Afternoon Agenda:
III. Relaxing walk along the Danube Peregi line.
IV. In the afternoon one-hour cruise on the Danube bypassing the small “round-reef” islands. Departure from the Ráckevei Blue Danube Wellness Hotel ***.
V. Dinner: Oven-baking, shared dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast in the guest house.

Morning Agenda:
I. Visiting Tököl, where you can see Tököl Creators and Művészpártolók Association (TAME) permanent display. In the Mihály Csollák resident we can see TAME artists displayed works
II. Other attractions:
a. Farmhouse and well,
b. Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church,
c. Reformed Church,
d. Old cemetery,
e. Headboard, the minister of war martyrs, Pál Maléter honor.
Afternoon Agenda:
III. Lunch and dessert Ziti Confectionery. Moving on we come pile Island, where we can drop in Local History Collection and Szigethalom past relics.
IV. In Szigethalom we should also have a look at the E-ME-SE Park. Presenting the life of 10-11. century Hungary, the early medieval Europe and the Vikings.
V. Other attractions: 1848-49 Revolution and Freedom Monument, Lady Diana headboard, St. Stephen statue, City leisure center.
VI. Dinner: Tavern Mártoni and recreation in the bowling hall of inn.

Day 3: Breakfast individually in the guest house

Morning Agenda:
We can take a short visit to Áporka, where we can find a Village museum. The settlement history is presented by old photographs, documents. Attractions: Wooden headboards, Reformed church, Village House.