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Tips for booking

Guest-house self-sufficient as they can relax.
if you want a specific request, we can serve meals delivered.
The needs in this regard, please kindly indicate the time of booking in advance!

Booking conditions:

  • Reservations (phone or email) in any case only become final once it has written confirmation. After booking an intent to address provided by you (e-mail, fax, mail) will be sent to the booking confirmation.
  • On this form, they can take over the house.
  • If any changes occur to their booking, please notify us without delay.

Modification, cancellation policies:

  • To avoid confusion, all kinds of changes and cancellations in bookings, please indicate in writing.
  • The reservation two weeks prior to arrival can be canceled free of charge. In this case, the advance made when booking, the hotel charges 15% will be refunded.
  • If you resign within 48 hours will be held, in the case of advance made at time of booking, the hotel charges 15% will not be refunded. We offer our guests a new date!
  • For reservations not canceled, the 15% deposit will not be refunded.

Payment methods:

  • Cash,
  • Vouchers,
  • cafeteria and recreation card

Check-in, key collection, leaving the hotel:

  • On the day of arrival at the accommodation can be booked between 14 and 16 hours.
  • The need for a different check-in, please, the date of booking via email / phone, but no later than by e-mail / phone kindly indicated the day before their arrival.

Our guest house the following vouchers, cafeteria and recreation cards are accepted:


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